Soya Wax

Soya wax is the most popular type of vegetable wax in candle making. EcoSoya wax is derived from the soya bean and is therefore 100% natural. It is a renewable, natural alternative to traditional paraffin wax. As there is little impact on our environment using this wax, finished candles can be marketed as a natural product.

NGI EcoSoya wax has a luxurious and creamy colour, sold in flakes.

The negatives for this wax is that the scent throw is not quite as strong as in paraffin, and wicking can be difficult in larger containers.

We often get asked which wax is the best vegetable wax, and NGI EcoSoya range comes top every time. NGI are based in the U.S and are the world’s leading soy wax manufacturer. Whether you are making container candles, pillar candles, votive candles or wax tarts, we have the perfect soya wax for you. We guarantee highest quality wax and best performing candles every time with the EcoSoya range.

Which soya wax should I use?

Soya Wax

We are a proud EcoSoya distributor, you can find out more about them by clicking here.